In its first edition #MoreWomen will hold, during the first weekend of the Festival, 3 master classes and 3 debates on film journalism, documentary films, the distribution sector and television. The activity also creates the CIMA Canarias Dunia Ayaso Award with a specific jury made up of CIMA members. The prize is worth 3.000 euro and its trophy is designed by Martín Chirino.This award recognizes the work of women directors, producers, actresses or team leaders. Those works that contribute to awareness and social commitment to gender equality will also be eligible for the award. In addition, on the 24th, at the Pérez Galdós Theater, the Charter for Parity and Inclusion of Women in Cinema will be signed as closing of the activity, a document that has already been signed at festivals such as Cannes, Venice and San Sebastián.

CIMA #MásMujeres / CIMA #MoreWomen

Direction: Marta de Santa Ana

Production: Mariola Pestana

Contact: (with link to the Association’s web)

CIMA Canarias Alba González de Molina, Alicia Rodríguez Mederos, Ana Sánchez-Gijón, Cristina Alcaine, Desirée Hormiga, Lydia Palencia, María Jesús Alvarado, María Miró, María Sanz, Mariate Die, Marta Miró, Mercedes Afonso, Paloma Albaladejo, Rosa Escrig, Silvia Sánchez Horna, Verónica Franco, Virginia García Rubio

CIMA Regla de 3 Picture Design, Sara Acosta Barrameda, Fernando Saavedra Roca

Venue: Gabinete Literario of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria