Cima: #MoreWomen


WITH: Pilar Pérez Solano, Almudena Carracedo, María Miró, Virginia G. Rubio

Almudena Carracedo

She began her professional career in the USA. where she directed and produced her debut length, the documentary MADE IN L.A., with which she won an Emmy Award. In 2012, she returned to Spain to work in EL SILENCIO DE OTROS, in collaboration with Robert Bahar and, after seven years of work, the documentary premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival where she won the Audience Award for Best Documentary and the Berlinale Peace Film Prize. The film has received 26 awards worldwide, including the Goya 2019 for best documentary, was nominated for Best European Documentary at the European Film Awards (EFA) and is one of the nominees for the 2019 Oscars. She is also a member of CIMA.

María Miró

Film director and screenwriter, member of CIMA. Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid. She was part of the Madrid Film Collective in the last years of Franco’s regime and the firsts of the transition. It is the only group that filmed political and social events, often clandestinely, broadcast on televisions around the world, and whose work showed in the exhibition Poéticas de la democracia el Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Imágenes y contraimágenes de la Transición. María worked as a TVE program director in Catalonia in the 80s, with documentary works about contemporary plastic artists and intellectuals. Coordinator of the cinema area of the Island Culture Centre of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria for three years, in which workshops, meetings with filmmakers were held and the original film exhibition began. In addition, she has worked on the evaluation of projects elegible for grants from the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) on several occasions. She is the screenwriter of LOS BAÚLES DEL RETORNO directed by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón in 1995, a feature film selected at film festivals such as Seminci, La Habana, Málaga or the Festival Cine por Mujeres, where she won the prize for the best film. The documentary CAYUCO about African emigration is one of her last works, with selections in the African Film Festival of Tarifa, Agadir Cinema & Migrations Festival and the International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, among others.

Virginia G. Rubio

She has been in the audiovisual industry for 25 years. She began working for Telemadrid in the verification department. Later, she worked for 7 years coordinating the film programming for Telecinco. With her production company Telespan2000, she participated in several cinema and television projects obtaining great box office success, for films such as EL OTRO LADO DE LA CAMA and DÍAS DE FÚTBOL. She participated in the start-up of the Ciudad de la Luz Studies Center, Official Film School of the Generalitat Valenciana, where she was deputy director. She is currently working as an executive producer on Terra Incognita Docs, a wildlife documentaries production company with which she has produced the series JUNGLE PLANET, HOTSPOTS and WILD HUNTERS. Virginia G. Rubio is a member of CIMA Canarias.

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