Isolation, friendship and uprooting merge in Platón


 The film by director Iván López is the only fiction feature competing in the Canarias Cinema section

 The filmmaker’s first feature film captures a plot with “autobiographical touches” but without self-censorship

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Sunday 24 March 2019.- Iván López, director of Platón (Spain, 2018, 121 min.), the fourth title and only fiction feature competing in Canarias Cinema, explained this Sunday, March 24th, that his first film has intented to deal with “human isolation, friendship and, specially, the uprooting of someone who has grown up without a father”. A creative proposal “with autobiographical touches” but without self-censorship.

Platón, which has already participated in the Málaga Festival, is a film starring Leandro González, Alba Tonini, Vicente Ayala, Carmen María Hernández, Patricia Álvarez and Sofía Privitera. From this cast, filled with many young actors, he “has learned a lot throughout the film’s long shooting”, which has lasted a year.

The Canarian director’s film tells Arian’s adolescence, who lives with his mother, to whom he blames for his father’s abandonment. With it, López wanted to portray the story of a boy who tries to find himself while in the middle of full adolescence, a boy who feels lost and is looking for answers, a boy who just wants to know where he comes from and who he is.

Platón, explained its director, has been his first challenge when facing a feature film after several years of trying to do so by more conventional means. Even though he had first decided to face the project only at a production level, halfway through the shooting Insularia Films came in with the subsequent distribution of Urban Films.

Influenced by Tarkovsky and Steven Spielberg’s cinema, both of whom he admires, Iván Lopéz stressed that “he makes films as a vital need of communication and, in that regard, he wants to make them with the largest possible number of people”. In Platón‘s case, he emphasized, he wanted “to connect with his mood” and be carried along by “how he felt in that moment”.

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