“You have probably noticed that shooting on film has become fashionable. People who make films know all too well the appeal of grain and how lovely it is to identify on the big screen that a film has been analogically “shot”. The alternative is to create grain digitally to mimic the look and feel of any photochemical material with specific techniques during post-production. Curiously, this is happening at a time when we have all but buried analogue screenings and when institutions holding film archives must catch up and embrace digitisation as the new way to preserve the film heritage.


It is curious how every year we struggle to find gems of contemporary cinema with a true or false grain, and yet, we continue to be amazed by films made before the turn of the century. We trust that this will continue to happen and that no masterpiece will be left abandoned in the old archives of film libraries to be rediscovered (or discovered) by our most cinephile audiences.”

Gloria Benito