Even though its calling is thoughtful, let’s leave lamentations aside and focus on Panorama 2019, a section that even if it served years ago as a jumble? for relevant films that were meant to be in the selection of the Official Section but, because of spatial reasons, could not be included in it, intends to serve, now and for more than five years, as a compiling showcase for those more enriching and stimulating although still unpublished works in the commercial Spanish cinemas, a few, at least, for a short time, others, unfortunately, still seeking an enthusiast distributor with ability or taste for the risk that, in some cases, even if it is hard to understand, will never arrive.

There are no great revolutions of film art in sight, perhaps it is no longer logical to look for them or to find them, but we do intend, more or less wisely, to offer a panorama of good recent films that cannot yet be enjoyed on the big screen outside the festival’s programming. Maybe they will find some jewel that also generates this ‘I-don’t-know-what’. Who knows?