Another year, seeking to bear certain unforgettable films, the section we dedicate to the recovery of essential titles comprises our programme. We should admit that it is one of the sections we most enjoy designing because rediscovering classics or turning over hidden jewels is always a pleasure. For a few editions now, this selection has been made up of restored digitally films and to the delight of moviegoers who feel nostalgia when pondering over celluloid, the enhanced quality of these restorations is increasingly more noticeable. The visual tools used to scan and restore the aspects of a movie have improved markedly these last few years. We can now more precisely return the movie to its original splendour without removing the seed, celluloid’s own texture and even the tonalities of the film used. This edition’s diverse selection proposes seven movies probably unknown to most of our public; and this is precisely what has led us to include them in our programme. Some titles are unpublished in Spain and in most cases, it is the premiere of these restored versions in Spain. These are the seven wonders that comprise our Déjà Vu section.