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The word ‘foley’ owes its name to New Yorker Jack Foley, who developed a lot of techniques that are currently used in this phase of the sound production. The denominated reverb effects, also known as foley effects, are those that seek the recreation of sounds that for various reasons were not picked up in the recording of the scene. The foley stop being mere casual noises and become authentic sound sets that will accompany all the characters’ action, to the most minimal detail. The characteristics of the floor the actors walk on, the texture of the clothing they wear, the material which the objects they touch or move are made of or even the air the actors and actresses breath are obsessions of the effects technician and the foley artist in these moments.

The cinema sounds creation or foley effects workshop, that will be held in this 19th edition of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival, is a playful and educational initiative conceived with the main goal of making the participants take on the role of a foley artist, recovering the artisanal sounds in contrast to the prestige of the hyper-technological.

The workshop will be conducted by Daniel Mendoza, who has been a sound technician and sound designer for over fifteen years. Daniel achieved his qualification in the Madrid Film School (ECAM). In Uruguay, his home country, he developed a music career as a guitar player, during which he recorded two albums and participated in international compilations. Apart from giving many conferences and courses about sound in film and television, he has directed different audiovisual pieces that have been selected in international festivals.

This workshop is aimed to families (minors must be accompanied by a guardian) and the general public over 16 years old and it will be held during March 30th and 31st in the Elder Museum of Science and Technology, from 10 am to 2 pm. It will be necessary to register in the Festival’s website

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