Second Audiovisual Trainer Meeting

Parallel Activities

With its origin in 2019 in what was then called the First Audiovisual Training Conference, the Meeting once more offers the chance to bring together the industry stakeholders, the specialist teaching centres and the institutions involved in one sphere or the other. The purpose is again that of analysis of the situation in the Canaries of training connected to the audiovisual industry, and its discussion and debate.

Conceived at the behest of the Festival, under the impetus of Canary Islands Films, with the support of PROEXCA and the participation in content design from the Canaries Audiovisual Cluster (CLAC), the Microclimate Association, and the Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media (CIMA), the Meeting will take place on April 28, within the framework of the competition, in the Elder Museum of Science of Technology.

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