Radu Jude will introduce to the audience of the Monopol Multiplex the first screening of the film series the Festival devotes him


The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival focuses its attention in 2018 on one of new Romanian cinema’s most prominent filmmakers: Radu Jude. The director, who will also be at the festival as a member of the international jury, will take part from Saturday April 7 on in the introduction of the features included in the film series Radu Jude 4 ½ + 4, which has gathered four features and a short film by the author of Aferim! and other four films by some filmmakers that have deeply influenced his work: Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi, Lucian Pintilie, Jean-Luc Godard and Yasujiro Ozu.

With Toată lumea din familia noastră (Everybody in Our Family), a title that won the Best Film Award at Sarajevo, starts the film series on Saturday, April 7, at 5 pm at the Monopol Screen 4.

The retrospective, supported by Hospitales San Roque, includes as well Țara MoartĂ (The Dead Nation), 2017; Inimi cicatrizate (Scarred Hearts), 2016; Aferim!, 2015; and the short film Lampa cucaciula (The tube with a hat), 2006. Furthermore, the Romanian filmmaker has proposed the showing of Pays Barbare [Barbaric Land] by Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi (France, 2013); O varĂ de neuitat [An Unforgettable Summer] (Romania, France, 1994) by his countryman Lucian Pintilie; Vivre sa vie: film en douze tableaux [My Life to Live], by Jean-Luc Godard (France, 1962) and the Japanese Otona no miru ehon – Umarete wamita keredo [I Was Born, But…] by Yasujirõ Ozu, 1932.

The Gran-canarian Festival has been programming for almost a decade the great directors that are part of this new wave of Romanian filmmakers who have recorded human experience in a tumultuous period. The presence of directors such as Cristi Puiu, Cristian Mungiu, Radu Muntean, Corneliu Porumbo and Radu Jude, as well as their films, have been a significant attraction to the Gran-canarian festival.


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