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Romanian filmmaker Radu Jude presents Tara Moartă (The Death Nation)

Romanian filmmaker Radu Jude, who is at the festival as a member of the official jury, in addition to being the protagonist of a film series the 18th edition devotes him —Radu Jude 4 ½ + 4–, will present on Wednesday, April 11, at 7:30 pm, Tara Moartă (The Death Nation) (Romania, 2017, 83 min.), included in the same session as Lampa cu Caciula (R. Jude, Romania, 2006, 25 min).

In this documentary film, Jude uses the collage technique, “to think about how images represent the world and to create a kind of tension between what the images show and what they conceal”. In the interview given to Charlotte Pavard for the Festival, Jude also talks about the elements he found in an exhaustive research and which he used to make the feature: a collection of photographs, a diary of a Jewish doctor from the 30’s and 40’s and some propaganda materials. “I discovered”, said Jude, “that by putting together these elements new meaning arises and also new problems”.

The Gran-canarian Festival has been programming for almost a decade these great directors that are part of the New Wave of Romanian cinema and who register human experience in a tumultuous period. The films and presence of directors such as Cristi Puiu, Cristian Mungiu, Radu Muntean, Corneliu Porumbo as well as Radu Jude himself have been significant advertising ploys for the Gran-canarian festival.

Further information on the film series on this link.

Godard’s La chinoise, in a single session at the Pérez Galdós Theater

The May 68 film series still has great surprises for those film buffs following this edition’s program. On Wednesday, April 11, at 9:30 pm, Godard’s La chinoise can be enjoyed on the Pérez Galdós Theater’s big screen. In this film by the French master, a small group of French students are studying Mao, trying to find out their position in the world and how to change the world to a Maoistic community using terrorism. As the film’s first sign shows, this feature is “in the making”, a statement that foretold the wave of changes that would come in 1968. The formal and content breakdown as the key thread in this edition’s core film series.

Jesús Palacios presents the teasing marathon The Freakiest Night

The writer and coordinator of The Freakiest Night, Jesús Palacios, will present on Wednesday, April 11, at 11 am at the Pérez Galdós Theater, the lines he followed to conceived this 18th edition’s selection of films, which has been caused by the apparent disappearance of the “traditional” freak. Palacios banks once again on the tongue-in-cheek short shorts which, through absurdity, question reality, and on three features which are “uncomfortable, violent and bizarre”.

Next Friday 13, The Freakiest Night will began the screening of 6 titles at 11 pm at the Pérez Galdós Theater: the feature films Game of Death (Sébastien Landry, Laurence Baz Morais, France, USA, 2017, 75 min.), Matar a Dios (Caye Casas, Albert Pintó, Spain, 2017, 90 min.) and The Uncle (Kim Hyoung Jin, South Korea, 2017, 99 min.) and the short films Clanker Man (Ben Steiner, UK, 2017, 10 min.), Saatanan Kanit (Fucking Bunnies) (Teemu Niukkannen, Finland, 2017, 17 min.) and Stay (David Mikalson, USA, 2017, 8 min.).

Tickets, which cost 6 euros, are already available at the ticket counter.

MECAS finishes its three days of intense work with the announcement of the production financial aid winner

The Market of Almost-Finished Films (MECAS) of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival finishes on Wednesday, April 11, at the Guiniguada Theater, three days of intense work with the announcement of the film project that has won the production financial aid.

In addition to the day devoted to Canarian film production, Island Mecas, the MECAS has devoted two days to the relations between the attending producers and filmmakers with guest sales agents, distributors and potential producers, as well as to the presentation of nine international projects, selected among the 63 proposals received: Las letras de Jordi /Jordi’s letters, Maider Fernandez, Spain; La ciudad oculta, Victor Moreno, Spain, France; Introduzione all’oscuro, Gastón Solnicki, Argentina; Hamada, Eloy D. Seren, Sweden, Norway, Germany; Malditos, Elena Goatelli, Ángel Esteban, Spain, Italy; Longa Noite / Endless Night, Eloy Enciso, Spain; Pirotecnia, Federico Atehortúa, Colombia; Fantasía, Amaia Merino, Aitor Merino, Spain and Niño de Elche, Marc Sempere, Spain.

Further information on this following link.

Andrew Combs opens the MMF concerts at the CICCA

Monopol Music Festival (MMF) begins on Wednesday, April 11, its fifth edition’s concerts with the one Texan Andrew Combs, one of the most outstanding voices in the American song, will give at 9 pm at the CICCA.

Combs is the author of three albums with devastating songs in which the classic is not in contradiction with his personality and the renewal of the genre. He is undoubtedly one of those artists that are forging their paths in a rising and solid way within USA’s national scene, and who comes to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria after his last album’s promotion tour, “Canyons of My Mind”, around cities such as New York, Washington, London, Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, Nashville, Seattle, Stockholm, Manchester or Amsterdam.

Tickets cost 15 euros and are available at generaltickets.com/cicca.

Further information at this link.


Tickets: 15 euros, available at generaltickets.com/cicca.

Further information at: http://www.monopolmusicfestival.com/andrew-combs/Más información en este enlace

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