Other keys to enjoy Friday in theaters


  • First screening of René Clair’s comedy The Last Billionaire. The “Iosseliani and company” film series is yet to show another gem of the 17th Festival’s program. The Last Billionaire’s first screening will be on Friday 7, at 6 p.m., a title (René Clair, France, 1934, 92 min.) included in the film series at filmmaker Otar Iosseliani’s request, a guest of this edition of the festival. It is a restored version of one of the most brilliant and hilarious comedies by French René Clair. On the verge of revolution and bankrupted, the kingdom of Casinarja persuades the richest man on earth to visit them and offer them financial advice to their small (and fictitious) country. But upon his arrival, our hero has his head accidentally hit and wakes up an idiot. The second screening, a morning one at 12:15 p.m. on Saturday, April 8, at the Monopol’s screen 6, too.
  • Last screening in Panorama of Glory, Gijon’s biggest winner. Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanoy (The lesson) triumphed at the Gijon Festival (Best Film, Best Screenplay and FIPRESCI Award) with Glory (Bulgary, 2016, 101 min.), a clever drama that takes as a starting point a real incident: A reclusive railway worker in Bulgaria finds millions in cash spilled on the tracks and turns them in to the police. It will be screened on Friday, April 7, at 8:30 p.m. at the Monopol’s screen 4.
  • Panorama Spain also pays attention to the School works of the “other Spanish cinema”. The Spanish section of Panorama has dedicated in 2017 a space to the “other Spanish cinema”, which was affected by technological novelties and the new non-fiction new ways more than a decade ago. Within this section, besides the carte blanche granted to directors Isaki Lacuesta, Virginia García del Pino, Fernando Franco and Elías León Siminiani and the “old-fashioned” works selected by coordinators Josetxo Cerdán and Antonio Weinrichter, a space has been saved for school works. These are the titles that will be screened on Friday 7, at 6 p.m., at the Monopol’s screen 5: Cabeza de orquídea (Violeta Blasco, Germán A. López, Carlotta Naolitano, Angélica Sánchez, Claudia Zegarra, Spain, 2016, 21 min.), El Misterio de los chinos (Yi Chen, Spain, 2014, 13 min.) and Nu Vorbesc Romaneste (No hablo rumano) (Rocío Montaño, Spain, 2016, 36 min.).
  • Last screening of the Canarias Cinema feature films La forma del mundo and Julie. At 5:30 p.m. on Friday 7 the Monopol’s screen 2 will hold again the showing of the feature film competing in the Canarias Cinema section La forma del mundo (David San Ginés, Spain, 2017, 123 min.), a story that delves into the roots of a ritual celebrated in Gran Canaria by the Arbejales’ folk singers, the voices that sing for the soul in purgatory. In addition to this, at 8 p.m., Julie (Alba González de Molina, Spain, 2016, 105 min.), winner in this edition of the distribution award Canary Islands Connection and Best Debut Film at the Malaga Festival in 2016. The film, starring Marine Discazeaux, Silvia Maya, Rikar Gil, Daniel Martín and Emilio Linder, among others, gets close to the life of its protagonist, Julie, who runs away to a remote village, where she thinks she can hide from herself.

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