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Rather that joining up, Nimañana was made official in the summer of 2013. Four brothers and friends who, after having shared half a life between music, mischief and pranks at their school playground, they decided to build this project by holding onto a handful of compositions. After a year of concerts, Alberto Limiñana’s departure (a lifelong member) forced the band to a halt, resuming their activity in 2016. That year, Nimañana decided to release once again their project, with the addition of Alejandro Herón as a bass player, thus completing a formation that also included Italo de la Guardia (drums), Ner Suárez (guitar, keyboard and chorus) and Octavio Limiñana (guitar, voice and effects).
After earning a reputation as a great live band in this new phase, they released in 2018 Dramones de Verano, a studio EP that intends to be their letter of introduction. They promise Latin rhythms, pop melodies and electronic touches, like the ones that their new song Trápala anticipates. Without getting further away from heavy bases and progressive instruments, Nimañana mixes different styles with respect, but without qualms and always with rock as a connection.

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