More than rock & roll with El Gran Wyoming and Los insolventes in the Festival’s Monkey Nights


  • Vinila Von Bismark opens the Monkey Nights on Friday, April 6, at The Paper Club
  • Gaf, Pumuky, The Olrait Band, Château Rouge, Raquel Amegashi and Conjunto Podenco complete a music program prepared by the Film Festival’s programming team

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Thursday, March 22, 2018. Nights with live music for resilient music-lover film buffs, that’s the origin of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Film Festival’s Monkey Nights. The festival adds to its eighteenth edition a notable program of concerts and DJs that will take place from Friday 6, the opening night of the festival, to Saturday 14, all the at The Paper Club.

Vinila Von Bismark will be the star of the first “Monkey Nights” with a concert in which she’ll present “Motel llamado mentira” (Cachucha Records, 2017), being this the only concert the singer from Granada will give in the Canary Islands. On Friday, April 6, at the end of the opening ceremony at the Pérez Galdós Theater, the Latin rhythms of Vinila’s last work will take up The Paper Club’s stage, which will be occupied by Irene López Mañas’ genuine and magnetic image.

El Gran Wyoming will be the leading performer of the second Monkey Night, in which he will be accompanied by Los insolventes, after having conducted on his own the opening ceremony, to offer their versions of great rock and roll hits. His passion for music completes José Miguel Monzón’s facet as a host. He kept for 20 years a strong professional relationship with pianist Ángel Muñoz Alonso, known as Maestro Reverendo. Currently, Wyoming continues to play on stages all over the country with this music band approaching their thirties.

The Olrait Band’s music, blues with great influences from the most authentic genre of the 40s, 50s and 60s, and Château Rouge’s indie rock make up the program of the third Monkey Night, Sunday, April 8. The first ones, Luis Guijarro Bergeron, Borja Viera Sosa and Miguel Barea Montoro, who are all from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, will give the audience a dynamic show, full of classics, their own themes and plenty of humor. Château Rouge brings to the festival their experimental projects that mixes country, indie, blue-grass and folk American music with varied instruments. Daniel Medina, Vicente Ballester and Saúl Rodríguez’s influences go from Jhonny Cash, Iron Butterfly, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Revólver, Cream, B.B King, Canines to My Morning Jacket, as they claim on their social profiles.

The night of Monday, April 9, named Canarias Cinema Party, devotes its program to two important names in independent music made in the Canaries: GAF and Pumuky. The first band was born at the end of the nineties in Santa Cruz de Tenerife as the artistic project of musician Kurajica Mladen, who later will add the experimental contributions of Rob Mazurek, Felipe González Cabezas, César Chinarro and saxophonist Olivier Dubois. “Sociedad del bienestar” [Welfare State], “GAF & The Love Supreme Arkestra” and “GAF y La Estrella de la Muerte” [GAF and the Death Star] make up this bands’ trilogy that feeds from a varied spectrum of cutting-edge related styles.

Pumuky, an indie group started in 2003 by the brothers Jaír and Noé Ramírez, is without a doubt one of the Canarian bands with the greatest national and international future. They’ll arrive to the festival on April 9 with a reedition of their EP “Los exploradores perdidos” [Lost explorers] ten years after its release and four LP on their  record collection, “Justicia Poética” [Poetic Justice], “Plus ultra”, “El bosque en llamas” [The Forest in Flames] and “De viaje al país de las tormentas” [Trip to Stormland]. There are more than enough reasons for enjoying one of the strongest evenings of the Monkey Nights’ first edition.

Actress and singer Raquel Amegashie will conduct the closing ceremony of the Gran-canarian festival and, together with Conjunto Podenco, will provide the music for one of the Paper’s musical nights, on Tuesday 10. Tickets will grant access to her elegant notes, mixed with bad mood touches in order to discuss everyday issues. Amegashie will be accompanied by multifaceted guitarist Hans Albert, a musician trained in Munich that now lives in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; Gilles Estoppey’s keyboard, a Swiss pianist, keyboardist and composer; and César Martel, a Gran-canarian trumpetist trained in Barcelona and Valencia who is interested in improvisation and the jazz world. On the same night, and with the same ticket, the audience will be able to enjoy Conjunto Podenco, made up of two musicians, Ángel Clavijo and Jose Antonio Fajardo, who play with experimental sounds.

Fucking Four Factory, Mono Estéreo, Wahteque Selector and Sergio Palmer DJ’s sessions, among others, will be in charge of giving post-concerts, thus prolonging every Festival’s nights. They will be free DJ nights at The Paper Club, on Wednesday 11 (10.30 pm), Thursday 12 (11 pm) and Saturday 14 (after midnight).

The Paper Club, in collaboration with the Festival, will open its doors to the public every afternoon the incomparable El Séptimo Vicio, of Radio 3, led by Javier Tolentino, makes a program, musical performances included, at the Club. They are initially to be held at The Paper Club on April 6, 9 and 12, although it is advised to check on the Festival’s social networks in case broadcasts are changed.


THE BEGINNING PARTY: VINILA VON BISMARK + DJ · FRIDAY APRIL 6 · THE PAPER CLUB. Midnight. Price: 12 € in advance / 15 € at door.


OFFICIAL PARTY: THE OLRAIT BAND + CHATEAU ROUGE + DJ · SUNDAY APRIL 8 · THE PAPER CLUB. 6:30 pm. Doors opening at 6 pm. Price: 5 € + beer.

CANARIAS CINEMA PARTY: THE OLRAIT BAND + CHATEAU ROUGE + DJ · MONDAY APRIL 9 · THE PAPER CLUB. 9 pm. Doors opening at 8:30 pm. Price: 5 € + beer.

MECAS PARTY: RAQUEL AMEGASHIE + CONJUNTO PODENCO + DJ · TUESDAY APRIL 10 · THE PAPER CLUB. 9 pm. Doors opening at 8:30 pm. Price: 5 € + beer.

POST PARTY AFTER ANDREW COMBS’ CONCERT (MMF) · WEDNESDAY APRIL 11 · THE PAPER CLUB. 10:30 pm. Doors opening at 10 pm. Free admission.


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