Canarias Cinema’s feature films begin the Monopol’s screenings


The 17th Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival’s first day is opened by the Canarias Cinema section’s competing feature films. Screenings at the Monopol Multiplex will begin in the morning, from 10 a.m., with these two titles: The Vanished Dream (José S. Betancor, Spain, 2016, 77 min.) and Maresía (Dani Millán, Spain, 2016, 96 min.).

This section of the festival is far from being, in the programmers’ opinion, a sponsorship of local production: “There are true filmmakers in the Canaries”. There is a generation who express themselves, both in the feature and short film format, with the means in reach; a “digital generation” of the local cinema depicted in the selected five feature and twelve short films, out of which The Vanished Dream will start the screenings on Friday, March 31 (10 a.m.). This documentary by José S. Betancor focuses on Guinea Bissau’s independent process in 1974 and the testimonies of the European volunteers who moved to the African country at that time. The film, with a significant international run, has already been screened at the African Film Festival of Dallas, the Arusha African Film Festival, the MiradasDoc, the MIDBO and the Wales International Documentary Festival.

At noon, the second film of the day, Maresía, screened at the Gáldar and Cerdeña Festivals, and produced and directed by Dani Millán, portrays the caravan trip of two youngsters around the Canarian Archipelago with the objective of rediscovering their land, culture and providing a new point of view.

The rest of the titles selected for the Canarias Cinema section, supported by 928 Ron, include the feature films La forma del mundo (David San Ginés, Spain, 2017, 123 min.), Fogueo (David Sainz, Spain, 2016, 110 min.) and Julie (Alba González de Molina, Spain, 2016, 105 min.), as well as the short films Concoct or Wander (Lila Organa, Spain, 2016, 6 min.), The Landing (David Pantaleón, Spain, 2016, 4 min.), Icelands (Miguel Ángel Mejías, Spain, 2016, 12 min.), The Campaign (Macu Machín, Spain, 2017, 8 min.), Burning Mountains that Spew Flame (S. Delgado, H. Girón, Spain, 2017, 14 min.), Shipwrecked (Iván López, Spain, 2016, 7 min.), Osito (Coré Ruiz, Spain, 2017, 18 min.), Paraíso por descubrir (Amaury Santana, Spain, 2016, 1.30’), Popoff (Domingo de Luis, Spain, 2017, 20 min.), Black Well (Miguel G. Morales, Spain, 2017, 5 min.), Sub Terrae (Nayra Sanz, Spain, 2017, 7 min.) and Toreros (Nacho Bello, Spain, 2016, 12 min.).

Tickets sale

Tickets to attend screenings are available at the Pérez Galdós Theater (from Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and in the showings’ afternoons, two hours before they begin), the Monopol Multiplex and the Elder Museum of Science and Technology’s box offices. The cost of a showing is 4 euros, and it is also possible to by a five-film pass at 12 euros. They are available for purchase in advanced; the pass exchange for the five films must be done at the box office. The Freakiest Night will have a unique price of 6 euros for the entire marathon, and it is not included in the pass offer mentioned before.

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