Magic Lantern dives into seven charming and fun Korean short films for ‘little film buffs’


  • The Korean stories session, with a single screening on Saturday 22, will feature a live dubbing of the pieces
  • The section aimed at children and young audiences also includes the French animated film Dragon Princess, which will be shown for the first time in the Canary Islands as part of the Film Festival
  • Also on Saturday 22, at 1:00 p.m. at Cinesa El Muelle, family audiences will be able to enjoy the humor and clown show of the former elite gymnast: Wilbur
  • The complete catalog and schedule of the twenty-second edition of the Festival can be consulted on the official website

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Wednesday, April 12, 2023.- Magic Lantern will offer families a session of Korean stories made up of seven short films to enjoy on the big screen. In addition, the section of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival aimed at children and young audiences has also programmed the French animated film Dragon Princess, which will be screened for the first time in the Canary Islands within the film event. Two proposals that will reach the big screen during the two weekends of the Festival.

As Elodie Mellado, a member of the selection committee, says in the Festival catalog, “if we want to explore the richness of Asian animation, we cannot stay on the surface of anime.” In recent years, she continues, major film industries such as South Korea are activating their gears “to train a new generation of animated filmmakers who can take the medium to a new level.”

For this reason, in its 22nd edition the Festival immerses itself in the world of Korean short films with a selection of seven animated works for children that invite them to live charming and fun stories, as well as vital lessons. Furthermore, as the programmer says, the short-story session, with a single screening on Saturday 22 at 11:00 a.m., will feature live dubbing of the pieces with dialogues in Korean, giving children the opportunity to listen to the original voices and understand them in a pleasant and entertaining way.

This binge-watch of short stories, with a total running time of 49 minutes, will start with The Day Spring Comes (Shin Sooyeon, South Korea, 2023, 7 min.). One spring day, dandelion seeds fly with their dreams to bloom. But one shy dandelion seed doesn’t want to sprout. However, he is swept away by the wind and enters the gardener’s grandmother’s house. The seed meets flowers that welcome him in the garden. Dandelion seeds get the courage to move forward by staying with the flowers.

It’ll be followed by Hamsee (Milim Hur, South Korea, 2023, 6 min.), a scared hamster that hides in the corner of a building and hasn’t eaten anything for a while. One day, she comes across a sunflower seed and carefully approaches it. But many dangers lurk outside.

The Bridge (Kim Sohyun, South Korea, 2023, 6 min.) narrates how on the cliffs of the peaceful forest, Golem opens its eyes, but by accident becomes a bridge for the animals living there to travel between cliffs.

The fourth title is My Child (Hyunjoo Kim, South Korea, 2022, 11 min.) where a mother does her best to bring up her son, but the child is left alone before learning how to survive. Next, Cinesa El Muelle’s Screen 5 will show Booger Digger! (Yeji Choi, South Korea, 2023, 5 min.) whose protagonist, Pennu, has been digging her boogers all her life with one finger, but her friends say that it is ridiculous and tease her by putting her in a bind by not being able to do it in any way.

Yeonghee and Yeongeun star in From Yeondoo (Lee So-hui, Jang Min-jin, Bae Min-sol, An Hyeon-jin, South Korea, 2023, 8 min.). The sisters visit their grandmother’s house in the countryside. At her place, they meet the enormous frog Yeondoo that walks on its two feet. At first, Yeonghee distances herself from Yeondoo because everything about it, including its appearance and behavior, seems mysterious.

Finally, Battery Daddy (Jeon Seung-bae, South Korea, 2021, 6 min.) will close the short film session. This is the name of the main character who is in charge of every corner of the house. One day, he went on a trip to a valley when a sudden downpour caused a flood leaving everybody stranded. Battery Dad tries to rescue people, but the constant rain makes the task difficult.

On the other hand, young audiences will have the French animated film Dragon Princess (Jean-Jacques Denis, Anthony Roux, France, 2021, 74 min.), “a work directly inspired by the unmistakable style of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli but with a very distinguished European flavor,” says Mellado in the catalog text.

Nominated for Best Animated Film at Sitges, in the film, Pelusa, a girl raised by dragons, is forced to leave the family cave because of a dispute. She then begins a journey of discovery in the human world, where she learns the meaning of friendship and the greed that eats away at people’s hearts.

The story of this young princess raised by dragons who must embark on a journey full of dangers that will lead her to discover the wonders of the world will be screened on Saturday 15, at noon, and on Sunday 23, at 11:30 a.m. Both will take place at Cinesa El Muelle’s Screen 6.

As it cannot be otherwise in an international film festival, all films will be screened in original version, with live dubbing in the case of the Korean stories and with Spanish subtitles in the French film Dragon Princess.



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