Julieta Venegas sold out tickets at the Galdós in one of the musical landmarks of the Film Festival


  • The Mexican singer performs in a trio format, “in which I have recovered my most instrumentalist side”
  • “I really like playing at a full Galdós, at a theater that has great prestige”, points out the artist

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Thursday, April 6, 2017. Julieta Venegas met the media with the sold-out poster hung at the Pérez Galdós Theater. The Mexican singer appeared before the journalists that were at the press room of the same building, together with the Monopol Music Festival’s director, Víctor Ordóñez, and the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival’s director, Luis Miranda, to advance a show in which she claims to have recovered her “most instrumentalist” side. Few hours before the concert, she admitted “being very happy to be able to perform at a theater as prestigious as the Galdós”.

Venegas announced that her concert, already sold out (Thursday 6, Pérez Galdós Theater, 9 p.m.), will have “as usual in my shows, a repertoire of all my albums, a revision of everything I’ve done. And, of course, we’ll also play some singles of Algo sucede”, title of her most recent work.

The Mexican artists will be on stage, like in the concerts of the tour she is doing around Europe, together with Matías Saavedra and Sergio Silva, two of her regular great musicians. “They are multi-instrumentalists and it’s always fun to play alongside them”, she pointed out.

In fact, Venegas affirms that this format “makes her take advantage of her most instrumentalist side”. Especially, with the accordion, a liking that comes “from the northern music I listened to as a child, and which I couldn’t say I liked in my teenager years”.

The singer, though, pointed out that “I consider myself a songwriter, despite the styles or how we’d like to dress the songs. For me”, she added, “the main thing is the story we have to tell, and it’s true that we have changed that over the years”.

Regarding the reception she expects from the local audience, Venegas pointed out that “the Canarian public has always been very kind to me, very close, like the one from South America. I’ve been here four or five times already and the emotion has never changed”.

She has already gotten the public’s answer at the Galdós. In that regard, the singer admitted that “I really like playing at a full theater like this one, because it is as well a place with much prestige abroad. Besides, playing at a theater is always special, because of how the audience listens to you, how they pay attention to you”.

Music and Cinema

Venegas recalled that “I’ve worked a lot in cinema, making songs for films. I’ve made stage music and I always end up coming back to instrumental music. In the case of films, what interests me and excites me the most is being able to get involved through music in the stories told on the big screen”. Then she added, colloquially, regarding the festival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, that “the festival it’s really cool! I’d like to see a bit more, have more time…”. Venegas has made music for films such as En el país de no pasa nada, Amores perros, Asesino en serio, María llena eres de gracia, Abel o Subterra, among other collaborations.

On his behalf, Víctor Ordóñez, the responsible for the Monopol Music Festival’s programming, said that “the trio format” that Julieta Venegas brings on this occasion “seems to me something pretty prepared, caressed and impeccable. It will be a spectacular concert, no doubt about it”.

On the other hand, Luis Miranda, the director of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival, referred to the importance of being able to have a parallel program focused on music like the one offered by the Monopol Music Festival. “Other festivals also have a musical part, although sometimes a little bit more modest. We had always felt like adding this part to our Festival, and I think we are getting it thanks to the Monopol Music Festival. I believe both festivals are managing to mutually grow”.


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