2017 - Canarias Cinema Jury

Javier H. Estrada is a film critic, programmer and teacher. He is a contributing editor for the film magazine “Caimán. Cuadernos de Cine” (formerly known as “Cahiers du Cinema. España”) and for the film journal “Secuencias. Revista de Historia del Cine”.

He has published articles in different media such as the digital newspaper “El Confidencial”, and the magazines “El Cultural” and “Archivos de la Filmoteca”. He contributed to several books such as Cinema Filipinas. History, Theory and Film Criticism (Festival Cines del Sur, 2010), World Film Locations: Barcelona (Intellect Books, Bristol, 2013), Nagisa Oshima (San Sebastián International Film Festival, 2013), El cine de Hong Sang-soo (Gijón International Film Festival, 2013), Film Festival Yearbook 6: Film Festivals and the Middle East (St. Andrews Film Studies, 2014), Japanese Independent Cinema 2000-2015 (San Sebastián International Film Festival, 2015) and Salomé Lamas. Parafiction (Mousse Publishing, 2016), among many others.

Furthermore, he curated the film series “Tales from the Bosphorus. Istanbul in Contemporary Turkish Cinema” for Casa Árabe Madrid (2011) and “Amir Muhammad” for the Punto de Vista International Film Seminar (2012).

Since 2013 he is a film programmer for the Lima Independiente International Film Festival (Peru). He is co-founder and Head of Programming of FILMADRID, an Spanish International Film Festival born in 2015.

In 2016 he was named “K-Culture Supporter”, an award for his contribution to the development and promotion of Korean culture in Spain. Since 2016 he coordinates the film course Audiovisual (R)evolutions for Master LAV film school (Madrid).

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