Enric Montefusco

Monopol Music Festival - Concerts

S23 MARCH · 9:30 PM. · THE PAPER CLUB (C/ Remedios, 10)


One year after Standstill broke up, their leader, composer and vocalist began his solo career with a debut album, Meridiana (2016), released through his own label Buena Suerte. Faithful to his classic conception of music as catharsis, but also more author than ever, Enric Montefusco redefines his sound with audacity. With his new work, Diagonal, which will be published in April, he confirms his literary commitment using his poetic instinct and his political conscience, and fully embracing popular music. Also, to be considered in these new steps in his career is Midnight Choirs, an EP published between the two albums in which he gave free rein to experimentation with flamenco voices and percussion, featuring collaborations such as Pau Vallvé, Niño de Elche, Albert Plà, María Arnal, Nacho Vegas or Los Hermanos Cubero. A total immersion in music as he conceives it, without ties, in constant evolution and with total mastery.

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