The Film Festival celebrates Digital 104 Film Distribution’s 10th anniversary with a special session


➢ The film event programs a 67-minute screening that includes eight titles related to its alliance with the production and distribution company: the eight Digital 104 awards given over the Festival’s different editions

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Wednesday, March 1, 2023-. The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival commemorates the tenth anniversary of one of its allies, Digital 104 Film Distribution, with the screening of a special 67-minute session that includes 8 award-winning titles from the distributor at the film event.

Silver Sands Motel by Cris Noda and Cayetana H. Cuyás (2014, Spain, 5 min.); Rivero by Coré Ruiz (2015, Spain, 15 min.), Viejo by Christian Lage (2015, Spain, 4 min.), Sub terrae by Nayra Sanz Fuentes (2017, Spain, 7 min.), DUA2LITET by Rafael Montezuma (2018, Spain, 5 min.), Mi profesora de salsa by Rafael Navarro Miñón (2019, Spain, 11 min.), Versiones by Claudia Torres (2021, Spain, 15 min.) and TIME (L)OVER by Álvaro Pinell, (2021, Spain, 5 min.) are the titles that the audience of the Festival will be able to recover or discover during its twenty-second edition that’ll be held between April 14 and 23.

This is a selection that goes back to the origins of the collaboration agreement between the Festival and Digital 104 Film Distribution, which took shape in 2014 after both proposed to the participants of the Canarian section a new award consisting of an exhaustive planning and execution of a distribution strategy at festivals. And just a year earlier, in 2013, Digital 104 took a significant step for Canarian production: their trajectory, originally focused on production, acquired a new direction when they also began to operate as a distributor for festivals, an initiative that boosted the career of Canarian filmmakers and producers by taking their talent to festivals all over the world.

As their team claims, the idea was to create “a path for the films, a path through festivals, a different path depending on the title.”

Looking forward to celebrating another ten years and “with the passion for cinema intact”, Domingo J. González, Andrea García and Jonay García also confirm that they keep alive the “excitement of discovering new voices and helping to launch their careers.”

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