Director Félix Sabroso and actor Ángel Burgos, leading the opening ceremony of the 17th Festival’s edition


  • The Pérez Galdós Theater will host the opening ceremony of the Festival on Friday 31, March, at 8 p.m.
  • The ceremony will revolve around cult films and music, for which it will count on the live performance of Canarian saxophonist Kike Perdomo and the Monkey Business Band, created expressly for the occasion
  • Félix Sabroso, author of the ceremony’s script and design, leaves the stage direction to actor Ángel Burgos

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Friday, March 17, 2017. Cult films and music will go hand in hand at the opening ceremony of the 17th edition of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Film Festival. A ceremony that will take place on Friday 31, March, at 8 p.m., at the Pérez Galdós Theater, and which, for a second year in a row, will be in the hands of members of the film industry. If last year the one in charge of conducting it was filmmaker Elio Quiroga, in 2017 we shall have the duo formed by director Félix Sabroso and actor Ángel Burgos. They will be joined by Canarian saxophonist Kike Perdoma and a band created for the occasion, the Monkey Business Band.

The details of the ceremony, with a ninety-minute-top duration, have been discussed this morning at the meeting Féliz Sabroso, Ángel Burgos and Luis Miranda, the festival’s director, have held for the media at the Rodríguez Quegles Palacete.

Gran-Canaria-born Félix Sabroso, whose last film, El tiempo de los monstruos, premiered at the Festival in 2015, is the one responsible for the design and script of the ceremony; actor Ángel Burgos is the one in charge of the stage direction, a project he has defined as “a challenge” and of which he is convinced that “it will turn out very well”.

Sabroso’s career is widely known by the general public thanks to the popularity his films have achieved. Together with the deceased Dunia Ayaso, he filmed seven features among which stand out Perdona bonita pero Lucas me quería a mí (1997) and La isla interior (2009). It is “a tribute to that well-matched marriage of music and film”, Sabroso said, alluding to the ceremony’s theme, but whose pieces and titles he did not want to reveal. A work he has developed hand in hand with the director of the festival, whom he has defined as an enthusiastic music lover who has made it easy with his proposals and suggestions.

When talking about working at the Pérez Galdós stage, the director has pointed out that it was there where it was born his “vocation for the theater and the stage, where he saw Nuria Espert and Lindsay Kemp performing”, so he feels “excited” for being on that stage. Besides, he has shown his respect for working for a festival that cares for and “spreads that cinema which does not always reach the public” and has added that “the ceremony also answers to those characteristics”.

A theater, television and film actor, Ángel Burgos has a long résumé in which stand out his theatrical works at the Centro Dramático Nacional, as well as those with directors such as Miguel del Arco, with whom he recently took part in ¡Cómo está Madriz!, Salva Bolta, Lluís Homar, Amelia Ochandiano, Luis Olmos and Tomás Gayo, among others. No less outstanding and varied is the group of filmmakers under whom Ángel Burgos has worked: José Luis García Sánchez (La noche más larga), José Sacristán (Yo me bajo en la próxima ¿y usted?), Carlos Saura (Taxi) as well as with Félix Sabroso and Dunia Ayaso (El grito en el cielo, Descongélate, Los años desnudos y La isla interior). Regarding his television work, Burgos has also appeared in very popular shows: Todos los hombres sois iguales (Tele 5), thanks to which he won the Award of the Spanish Actors Union, Television: Performance in a Minor Role in 1997, Amar en tiempos revueltos (TVE), El Ministerio del Tiempo (TVE), Aída (Tele 5) and La que se avecina (Tele 5).

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