Monopol Music Festival - Concerts

A pioneer of electronic music in the 90s in Spain when the 21th century and its sounds appeared to be something mysterious, Miguel López Mora has kept on breaking frontiers in music and video-art throughout the years, always under his war name, Digital 21. His multidisciplinary and unbiased conception of music marks his line of work, turning him in an example for his contemporaries and for all the generations that have come after him. Far from limiting himself to master the technological part, as many other DJs or electronic stars do, Digital 21 is also a multi-instrumentalist artist that firmly believes in the power of real instruments combined with machines to give intensity and life to his albums while preserving a feeling of real live concerts.

Currently, he combines meetings, courses and solo performances with his famous collaboration with Swedish Stefal Osdal (Placebo) in the duo called Digital 21 & Stefan Osdal.

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