David Baute delves into the difficulties a family must overcome “to be able to lead an easy life”


 The Canarian director’s documentary opens today at the Monopol Multiplex the screening of Canarias Cinema’s competing feature films

 The five protagonists of the film have some kind of mental disability

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Friday 22 March 2019.- The Canarian director David Baute pointed out today that with his work Milagros (Spain, 2018, 77 min.) he has intended to observe the daily life of a family from the Tenerife village of Garachico in which all its members (the mother and her four children) have some kind of mental disability. He wanted to make visible with this project that “society is not adapted for these people to lead an easy life”.
“It has been a very long shooting process but, above all, a really special and touching one from the very beginning”, claimed Baute, who admitted that “it is a slow film but because he has always wanted to respect each character’s own time”.

Some protagonists —Milagros, Carmelo, Agustín, Mary and Vicente— the director himself knew since he was a child and with a story behind “he always wanted to film”. A work, he explained, that he has been able “to make calmly, that hasn’t required much production nor a big budget. Sometimes”, he admitted, “you have stories right before your house’s door”.

Baute, a regular of the Festival’s Canarian selection, follows this family, to whom he adds as an additional character the island’s landscape. In this film that mixes fiction and reality Baure recovers the language of his “Rosario Miranda” to transform his work into a tribute to life. Thus, this work means for his director the recovery of an auteur style in which cinematographic language is refined until it changes into a clear window that looks at reality without barely influencing it.

Milagros opened this morning the screening of the Monopol Multiplex. Its director will present it to the public at 5 pm (Monopol 3).

Four features and twelve short films, one of them out of competition, made by nineteen authors of the best Canarian cinema there is make up Canarias Cinema’s selection. The other three feature films that will compete with Milagros for the Richard Leacock Award are Searching for Oscar, by Octavio Guerra, La ciudad oculta, by Víctor Moreno and Platón, by Iván López, the only fiction feature film of the selection.


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