Feminist concert: Flor de canela + Tremenda jauría + Cintia Lund

Monkey Nights Concerts

F22| 22:00h


Free Entrance

Doors opening 21:30 h

In collaboration with the Department of Equality and Citizen Participation of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria


Flor de Canela is a musical project born in 2017 in Barcelona. With a personal style, all its music goes through a filter that impregnates it with its own scent, the essence Flor de Canela. It is the aroma of quality arrangements and a modern electric instrumentation. Their live shows, more than 55 to date, leave no one indifferent.


Tremenda Jauría is a Madrid-based DIY collective of urban music with reggaeton, cumbia and other tropical sounds as war cry. After their LP Mordiendo (2016) and the EP Cuentas Pendientes (2017) they released in 2018 the album Codo con codo, and now in 2019 their last work IV, in which they continue to add collective imaginary and lyrics that bet on placing people’s lives in the center.


One of the great revelations of the indie scene debuts with a collection of hypnotic dream-pop songs with folk strokes and flashes of electronica, demonstrating a rare personality in an album that shows a complex inner world with elegant approaches to smoky and sinuous blues rock, to Lynch, with unique Jamaican echoes or to the song between the wars.

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