Keys to the Festival’s fifth day / Tuesday 13 April


 The competition continues with two features in the Official Section and Band à Part’s short films, three Canarias Cinema features, two works by Asghar Farhadi and Julie Delpy, Panorama Spain, Déjà Vu, Chris Marker Special Session, Anthology 20th Anniversary, the presentation of Jaime Pena’s book and Mecas highlight the fifth day of the Festival

 The Cinesa El Muelle Multiplex, the Edificio Miller and the Elder Museum of Science and Technology will host screenings, conferences and events related to the Film Festival

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Monday 12 April, 2021. The 20th Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival has scheduled for its fifth day the screenings of the Official Section feature films A Balance and No Kings and from the out-of-competition Official Short Film Section, those of Clean With Me, How to Disappear, Ruby, Stump the Guesser, Sun Dog and Swinguerra. It has also programmed five Band à Part short films, three Canarias Cinema features, Echoes, The Time Is Ours and The Wanderer; Umberto D. from the Asghar Farhadi cycle; Panorama Spain’s Enero; Déjà Vu 3D’s 3X3D; Chris Marker Special Session’s Le Mystère Koumiko; Anthology 20th Anniversary’s Lu Bian Ye Can; the presentation of the book El cine después de Auschwitz: Presentaciones de la ausencia en el cine moderno y contemporáneo, by Jaime Pena, a “Film and Thought” activity from the Aula Manuel Alemán; and MECAS’ last day.

Official Section Feature Films. At 10 am at Cinesa El Muelle’s Screen 3 and at 5:30 pm at Screen 6 A Balance (2020, 153 min.) will be screened. Coming from Japan after appearing at Berlin, Busan or Singapore, this feature is a disturbing title in which balance can be both “unexpected and effective”, according to specialist press Le Polyester.

At 12:30 pm at Cinesa El Muelle’s Screen 3 it will be screened No Kings (Brazil, USA, Italy, 2020, 88 min.), a tender work based on Emilia Mello’s observation.

At 5 pm at Screen 4, second screening of Mixteca Knot (Mexico, 2021, 96 min.) Fiction is the path through which Ángeles Cruz captures women’s harsh and questionable realities in the Mexican countryside. Mixteca Knot is the second feature of a director who’s been nominated to the Ariel Arcángel and presents here three stories that converge as a denunciation device.

At 7:15 pm at Cinesa El Muelle’s Screen 3 Radiograph of a Family (Iran, Norway, Switzerland, 2020, 80 min) will be screening. A personal essay by poet and filmmaker Firouzeh Khosrovani in which she approaches a vital conflict between tradition and modernization based on the marks her traditional Muslim mother and her progressist father left on her.

Official Section Short Films (Out of Competition). At Cinesa El Muelle’s Screen 7 a group of six out-of-competition short films will be screened at 4:45 pm. Clean With Me (After Dark) (Gabrielle Stemmer, France, 2020, 21 min.) How to Disappear (Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf, Austria, 2020, 21 min.), Ruby (Mariana Gaivão, Portugal, 2019, 25 min.), Stump the Guesser (Guy Maddin, Galen Johnson, Evan Johnson, Canada, 2020, 19 min.), Sun Dog (Dorian Jespers, Belgium, 2020, 20 min.) and Swinguerra (Barbara Wagner, Walter de Burca, Brazil, 2019, 23 min.)

Canarias Cinema Feature Films. At 10 am at Cinesa El Muelle’s Screen 9, Echoes (2020) by Tommy Llorens arrives to Canarias Cinema as a coral film loaded with little mysteries. The filmmaker shot his debut film in a week in La Palma: a feature in which six converging love stories set after the end of the world are told. Llorens directs a cast made up of Jordi Vilches, Andrea Martos, Nieves Bravo, Lorenza Machín, Ken Appledorn, Javier Peña Pinto, Ruth Armas, Lamberto Guerra, Pilar Acosta, Cristina Gallego, Emilio Linder and Chico de Tomás.

At noon and at 5 pm at Cinesa El Muelle’s Screen 3, both screenings of The Time Is Ours (2020), by Alba González de Molina. The documentary film by the Canarian filmmaker cannot be explained by itself as a typical feature. It is, in fact, part of the Imaginary Laboratory project’s result, set in motion by Gran Canaria Espacio Digital. An initiative that gathered 27 artists from different disciplines, settled in the Canary Islands. Creators from different fields, who start their artistic career or are in the process of consolidating it. Filmmaker Alba González de Molina assumed the direction of a documentary piece that approaches that collection of talents’ peaceful clash.

At 7pm at Cinesa El Muelle’s Screen 3, second screening of The Wanderer (Spain, 2019, 85 min.), by Miguel Mejías. Miguel Ángel Mejías’ debut film arrives to Canarias Cinema as a piece of pure auteur cinema: a small visual symphony that plays with time, conceived to be lived, rather than watched. The Wanderer tells Ángela’s leap in the dark (Ángela Boix), her meeting with a mysterious traveler (Miquel Insúa), a concealed drama and an interest in filming insects in a peculiar road movie, which has its own pace.

Band à Part Short Films. This new competitive section of the Festival, devoted to films that resist the established, screens this Tuesday at 7:30 pm the five short films in competition: Heliconia (Paula Rodríguez Polanco, France, Colombia, 2020, 27 min.), Still Life (Carolina Astudillo, Spain, 2020, 6 min.), Os Olhos na Mata e o Gosto na Água (Luciana Mazeto, Vinícius Lopes, Brazil, 2020, 36 min.), Point and Line to Plane (Sofia Bohdanowicz, Canada, 2020, 17 min.) and Surviving You Always (Morgan Quaintance, United Kingdom, 18 min.).

Panorama Spain. At 5:15 pm at Screen 5, second screening of Enero (Spain, 2019, 69 min.) by Ione Atenea. The director will introduce the film. In Enero, María Jesús and Manolita, the two octogenarian grandmothers of the filmmaker, are portrayed going about their daily routines. While filming them with the camera, Ione Atenea talks to them about their life stories, the passing of time, and the death that they can both feel drawing nearer and nearer.

Julie Delpy. At 5 pm at Screen 8 Julie Delpy’s Deux jours à Paris / 2 Days in Paris (France, 2007, 96 min.) will be screening. The French cinema muse is one of the five film figures being presented by this special 20th edition of the Festival with an Honor Award

Asghar Farhadi 4+2. At 7 pm at Screen 8, Umberto D. (Vittorio de Sica, Italy, 1962, 88 min.), a film selected for the Festival by the Farhadi himself due to its significance in his film training.

Déjà Vu 3D. At 6 pm the Elder Museum of Science and Technology’s screening room will be taken by 3X3D (Portugal, 2013, 70 min.), by Jean-Luc Godard, Peter Greenaway and Edgar Pêra. On the occasion of the anniversary of the Portuguese city Guimarães, with two thousand years of history, three renowned directors experiment with 3D technology to explore its evolution and relevance in the world of cinema.

Special Session. Chris Marker Centenary. The Festival’s 20th edition will contain several references to Chris Marker because of the centenary of his birth. At 7 pm it will be screened at Edificio Miller Le Mystère Koumiko (France, 1965, 45 min.). While in Japan documenting the 1964 Summer Games in Tokyo, Chris Marker met Koumiko Muraoka. Intrigued and fascinated by the young woman, he decided to dedicate a film to her.

Film and Thought Aula Manuel Alemán /Anthology 20th Anniversary. At 6 pm at Cinesa El Muelle’s Screen 3, screening of Kaili Blues / Lu Bian Ye Can (Bi Gan, China, 2015, 113 min.). Country doctor Chen Sheng sets out on a train journey to search for his brother’s abandoned child, only to find himself in a dreamlike world where the boundaries between past, present, and future and between fantasy and reality are porous. Later, at 8 pm at Screen 2, presentation of the book El cine después de Auschwitz: Presentaciones de la ausencia en el cine moderno y contemporáneo, by Jaime Pena.

The Film Festival’s full program is available at, and tickets are on sale through their seats’ traditional portals: for Miller’s programming (Camera Obscura, The Freakiest Afternoon and certain special sessions related to French filmmaker Chris Marker’s centenary anniversary); and at (Cinesa’s website), which offers the rest of the program, except for Déjà Vu, which will be screened at the Elder Museum of Science and Technology (where MECAS will be held, too).


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