Canarias cinema begins its screenings of the competing short films


The great window the Festival opens anually to Canarian cinema will be there to be enjoyed during on the second day of the festival. A competing feature film -Las postales de Roberto (Dailo Barco, Spain, 2017, 87 min.)- another one, this time out of competition -Bárbara Nadie (Ayoze García, Spain, 2018, 50 min.)- and the first short film session, with seven competing titles – -20 años sí es mucho… (Daniel Mendoza, Spain and Uruguay, 2018, 20 min.), Ángel caído [Fallen Angel] (Miguel G. Morales, Spain, 2018, 7 min.), Archipiélago fantasma [Phantom Archipiélago] (Dailo Barco, Spain, 2017, 16 min.), Diques (Sara Álvarez, Spain, 2017, 4 min.), Dua2litet (Rafael Marrero, Spain, 4 min.), El mar inmóvil [The Still Sea] (Macu Machín, Spain, 2018, 11 min.) and Soju (Rafael Navarro, Spain, 2018, 20 min.) are part of Saturday April 6’s program at the Monopol Multiplex, thanks to Binter’s support.

The documentary feature Las postales de Roberto [Roberto’s Postcards], which premiered at Seminci and was directed by Dailo Barco and produced by Digital 104, will be screened for the press and jury at noon at the Monopol Screen 2. Barco approaches with this work a figure of the 70s, the Canarian film amateur Roberto Rodríguez (1932 – 2016), born in La Palma. GAF, the Tenerife-native band that will take part next week on the Festival’s Monkey Nights at The Paper Club (Monday 9), was the one in charge of the creation of the film’s original music.

Dailo Barco, who is also the author of the short film Archipiélago fantasma, will participate in the press conference being held at 1:30 pm at the Pérez Galdós Theater, together with Ayose García (Bárbara Nadie) and the directors of Saturday’s short films, Daniel Mendoza (20 años sí es mucho…), Miguel G. Morales (Ángel caído), Sara Álvarez (Diques), Rafael Marrero (Dua2litet), Macu Machín (El mar inmóvil) and Rafael Navarro (Soju).

The other feature of the day is Bárbara Nadie, by journalist Ayoze García. After several short films, García has made his first feature, that will be released out of competition on Saturday, April 7, at the Monopol Screen 2. The film, a reflection on the connection between advertising, media and cinema that employs plenty of material from Frank Capra’s film Juan Nadie -in public domain since 1969-. Barbara Nadie will be shown for the press at 10 am; in the evening, at 10 pm, its director will introduce the film to the audience in the same screen.

The screenings of the Canarias Cinema section’s features and short films will continue during the weekend, its awards being announced on Monday, April 9. In addition to the official awards granted by the festival, this edition will give again the International Distribution awards granted by Canary Island Connection to the features and by Digital 104 Film Distribution to the short films.

The Canary Islands Connection Award, an initiative of the Consorcio de Exportación Audiovisual de las Islas Canarias [Canary Islands Committee of Audiovisual Exportation] to support new voices within Canarian cinema while facilitating their access to traditional ways of distribution, will grant to the producers of the awarded film a specialized consultancy in international distribution and festival strategies. Digital 104 Film Distribution, on its behalf, will grant the International Distribution Award to one of the competing short films consisting on the devising of a strategy on international distribution, counsel, management, registration and submissions to festivals for a year.


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