Canarias Cinema finishes its titles’ presentation


  • The competitive section Canarias Cinema presents the feature Telúrico, by Sergio Morales and Ulises Morales, and the Session 2 of its short films, which includes seven competing works; Apocalipsis Voodoo, by Vasni García, will be screened out of competition

On Sunday, April 8, the presentation of the works competing in Canarias Cinema finishes, both in the feature and the short film sections. The best sample of a cinema made in the Canaries, by Canarian people or related to the islands reaches its third day with the showings of Telúrico (Sergio Morales and Ulises Morales, Spain, 2018, 95 min.), as well as the other seven works included in the short films’ second session: Clavijo, tu amor (Amaury Santana, Spain, 2017, 11 min.), Insight (Hugo Herrera González, Spain, 2017, 13 min.), La Muñeca Rota (Daniel León Lacave, Spain, 2017, 16 min.), Morir en el Intento (Students of Escuela de Cine Infantil y Juvenil Cámara y Acción, Spain, 2017, 13 min.), Nocturnos (Miguel A. Mejías, Spain, 2018, 17 min.), Nouvelle Cuisine (Manuel Reyes Halaby, Spain, 2017, 5 min.) and Plus Ultra (Samuel M. Delgado and Helena Girón, Spain, 2017, 13 min.). In addition, Vasni Ramos’ first feature Apocalipsis Voodoo (Spain, 2018, 94 min.), which depicts a will be screened out of competition Además, fuera de competición, se mostrará al público el primer largometraje de Vasni Ramos Apocalipsis Voodoo (España, 2018, 94 min.), an insane zombie battle to the rhythm of funk that will conquer more than one joker spirit.

Sergio Morales, a Canarias Cinema regular, will present in 2018, this time next to Ulises Morales, the feature film Telúrico, a tourney to the island of El Hierro and its people through a young couple’s experiences and feelings. Its public premiere, which will be introduced by both directors, will be at 7:30 pm at the Monopol Screen 2; its press showing, at noon at the same screen.

Sergio and Ulises Morales will be at the 4 pm press conference at the Pérez Galdós Theater, together with Vasni Ramos (Apocalipsis Voodoo) and the short-film directors Amaury Santana (Clavijo, tu amor), Hugo Herrera (Insight), Daniel León Lacave (La muñeca rota), Miguel Ángel Mejías (Nocturnos), Manuel Reyes (Nouvelle cuisine), Samuel M. Delgado and Helena Girón (Plus Ultra), as well as Rosa Escrig from Escuela de Cine Infantil y Juvenil Cámara y Acción (Morir en el intento).

The other Canarian feature of the day is the singular Apocalipsis Voodoo, by Vasni Ramos, whose first editing version was at the Cutrecon Festival. The film depicts the apocalyptic battle between a couple of loser cops and a supervillain musician called Papa Voodoo, who turns those who listen to his music into zombies. A battle full of kung fu, Mexican wrestling, voodoo, zombies, love and the paranormal knowledge of a priest expert in using katanas… And all to the beat of funk. Apocalipsis Voodoo’s press showing will be at 10 am at the Monopol Screen 2; at 10 pm, its director will introduce it to the audience at the same screen.

Four features and fourteen short films -selected among 16 submitted features and 63 short films- will compete for the 2018 Richard Leacock Awards for Best Feature Film and for Best Short Film, valued at 3,000 and 1,500 euros, respectively. The Canarias Cinema jury -a section supported by Binter- is formed by Miguel Rodríguez, founder and editor of Mundo Hispánico; writer and journalist Sabina Urraca, who collaborates with publications such as Vice, Tentaciones,, Tribus Ocultas, Ajoblanco or El Comidista, among others; and Vanesa Fernández, director of ZINEBI -International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao-. The three of them will announced on Monday, April 9, this edition’s awards. In addition, Canary Island Connection and Digital 104 Film Distribution will grant their international distribution prizes among those feature and short films, respectively.


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