Extra Activities III

Monopol Music Festival - Screenings


The MMF will gather around a table different creators/ artist whose relationship with music has taken them to immortalize the contemporary popular music made within and beyond the Canary Islands through their work of archaeology.  Through their essays, journalistic chronicles, books, anthologies, documentaries or videoclips, we have gotten to know that not-so-transited area of our cultural history, so necessary to know who we are, where we come from and where we are going.  Conceived as a meeting, colloquium, or round table, this event will count with the opening participation of Xavier Valiño, author of eight published books in which he analyses and describes the work of national and international musicians as important as Golpes Bajos (Escenas olvidadas: la historia oral de Golpes Bajos) or Elvis Costello (Elvis Costello. El hombre que pudo reinar), who will share that creative process with the attendants and with a selection of those who safeguard the memory of our cultural values: journalists, writers, filmmakers, cultural agitators, and documentarists.

Date and Time: To be confirmed

Venue: Cines Monopol

Free entrance

Further info: www.monopolmusicfestival.com


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