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Monopol Music Festival - Screenings


Enric Montefusco will present within the framework of the Monopol Music Festival his book Carne de Cañón (Bandaàparte Editores), an autobiographical essay integrated into the Uno de los nuestros collection, in which the authors uncover their approach to creation. A tour of one of the most prolific careers, and a reference of Spain’s independent music. Montefusco exposes himself, approaching his work from the epic and the emotive in a masterly way. His nearly two decades at Standstill and two years of solo career, marked by a congenital restlessness and a critical spirit hard to silence, have given rise to an extensive discography, stage shows, exhibitions and documentaries. A way of understanding the world that is revealed for the first time in this work that covers all its eras and problems. Attendees will enjoy a unique format in which Montefusco alternates a spoken word with the performance of his most emblematic songs in an acoustic and intimate fashion. The audience are welcome to pose questions to the author after the book presentation.

Date: Saturday 23rd March

Time:To be confirmed

Venue: Cines Monopol

Free entrance

Further info: www.monopolmusicfestival.com

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