“Panorama brings essentially out-of-focus films to Las Palmas. (…) The only feature explicitly out-of-focus would be IN WATER, except for some shots from other titles slipping in with some dynamic camera movements. But the rest are films out of the public spotlight, blurred on the map of Spanish commercial theatres, which until now have only been screened at a few prestigious festivals.

This section could be understood each year as a compass of the best ‘festival cinema’. Yes, a label that after the pandemic seems to have been reinforced with good results, improving those before 2020 and with a miraculous recovery of exhibitors and distributors, two players in constant crisis. But within this cinema from independent distributors, the section highlights the part that has not reached theatres (yet).


Surely, this is the strongest Panorama of the last decade of the festival. It is a unique opportunity in the region to see the best cinema of the season in theatres.”

Jose Cabrera