. . . Truly freak cinema is becoming ever more slippery, because the immense forest of faux freakism sown and grown by the major AV companies and corporations – as exuberant and leafy as they are essentially carnivorous, toxic and poisonous – blocks out the smaller shrubs, the magic mushrooms and green shoots with genuine freak vocation which appear in the forest’s darkest and most hidden corners. But this is The Freakiest Night, the last bastion of defence against superheroes, televised zombies, Mandalorians and elevated horror. We are already on the way back from where they come from. And where we are going, we don’t want to meet them. Here not everything happens everywhere all at once; it only happens tonight, in the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival. You’d better not miss it.

Jesús Palacios