Magic Lantern has always been a section from the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival aimed to the child and young audience, with the main objective of transmitting the value of film as a cultural and artistic asset to the youngest public, beyond the usual commercial and leisure value that is normally conveyed to it. However, this section seeks to expand its perspective beyond ages, and unify films and training activities for all audiences under a unique denomination.

We try to focus the programme from diverse artistic, cultural and social perspectives, to expand the world’s vision that we believe can be acquired through a festival like ours, focused in auteur cinema. The return to cinemas does not only have to do with the different consumption habits, but with an educational factor that we think we can resume with initiatives like this. We want to arise curiosity for the films that offer other languages and have a clear author signature, propitiating a general interest for film. Thus we are counting for another year with two current works, both Latin American , included in Family Time. The Colombian animation film EL LIBRO DE LILA, directed by Marcela Rincón has circulated across international festivals and will have its national premiere in our Festival. This film will make us reconsider the importance of reading as a way to fight against oblivion. The second work is the Hispanic-Dominican coproduction MIRIAM MIENTE, a teen drama directed by Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada, that will make us reflect on the racial problems that still exist in the first world and that hinder the protagonist’s transition from childhood to puberty even more.