Films which combine strength and danger, which narrate returns from fear, from an aesthetic perspective. A continuous break up with the clichés that have created the mediatic image caused by the arrival of new images from the frontiers. A selection which looks for a consistency screened from style and gender diversity. With elements which deconstruct social anxieties to show them as something free of loads, from a new perspective, obviating logic. With reflections about contemporary obsessions and their consequences. About new interactions, fluid identities and virtual conflicts which become nightmares about reality. The dehumanization in digital environments translated in computer-generated pixel images or homemade films recorded by the camera of a gamer. Films about cultural differences, traditions, appearances and a relatively distant past. Creators of stunningly beautiful and disturbing images. Films which talk about themselves, which rescue celluloid to eradicate ghosts before our eyes, which miss lost films. Which argues about political and sports figures, about important events, victories and failures. About wounds of the body and wounds of the soul. About the passing of time and the forthcoming uncertainties. Works that made individuals and masses confront. Lonely figures and ecstatic crowds.  Glories of the past and new idols. Perilous bid to join aesthetics with a political discourse which points out falsehood. The human body as a battlefield for image and its representation as a way to assert accepted realities which should be systematically questioned. Graveyards as objects of gentrification. Those who forget their past versus those who highlight it. Authors who return to the myths where nature is an omniscient author who decides to tell a story about Good and Evil and rewrite them.