Few things remain undisputed in 2022, and film festivals are not one of them. We try to dance with an audience whose steps stray further and further away from a well-known choreography that we will never perform perfectly again. Giving up is easy, but at Panorama Spain we have turned our questioning into our strength: Today we are taking up the baton of a section that has constantly been redesigned, its terms and conditions remoulded and its programme of films adapted. We embrace an assortment of films that are critical of themselves, question the reality they inhabit and even their own existence. That is how we want to present this year’s programme, like a restless tide of creators testing their limits and ours too.

In times of doubt, we are brought together by the warmth of a varied programme, whose films, nevertheless, still whisper to each other up close. We are surprised, although only a little, to discover that most have been created by couples, families or longstanding friends. These are the people that can support us in uncertain times, that we can cling onto to face a bleak present. We look after the cinema because we like to think it is a space where we can ponder life’s questions without fear of falling, a home to come back to when we can take no more.