After being suspended because of the pandemic and then held successfully, despite the requirements imposed due to the health situation, the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival begins a new season with the satisfaction of putting on another programme for all the family to enjoy.

This year, once again, the Magic Lantern: Family Time section includes films for the youngest members of the household and for those who are midway between childhood and adulthood and feel the need to recognize themselves on the big screen, with two unmissable works in this 21st festival. In addition, returning to our aim of bringing together films and educational actions for audiences of all kinds and audiovisual teaching institutions, Magic Lantern: Parallel Activities offers an in-depth exploration of film as a profession and of the motivations of famous directors on the international scene, engaging in a dialogue with classic works and with experts on them from a contemporary cultural perspective, thinking about the atrocities of war with a philosophical approach —more necessary than ever now, debating the role of women filmmakers and their importance in the history of the seventh art, and reflecting on the ways of viewing film in the digital era.

Magic Lantern: Family Time combines two films that we can enjoy as a family and make us think about questions that arise in everyday life through the big screen. Immersed in a world of adventures or reflecting on the passage of time, the audience will be able to assess loved ones, not with a report card, perhaps, but with gestures, learning to look at themselves, as if in a mirror, through the eyes of Nahuel, Jung-hee, Min-young and Sanna.