The jury of Canarias Cinema announces the awards


The jury of the Canarias Cinema section will announce on Monday, April 9, at 10 am, at the Pérez Galdós Theater, the films awarded with the Richard Leacock for Best Feature Film and Best Short Film among the four features and fourteen short films selected in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival’s 18th edition.

The competition started last Friday, April 6, with the film Raíces, by Mi hoa Lee, and after it El mar nos mira de lejos, by Manuel Muñoz, Las postales de Roberto, by Dailo Barco and Telúrico, by Sergio Morales and Ulises Morales, have been shown at the Monopol Multiplex’s screens. In addition, fourteen short films are also competing in the section: 20 años Sí es mucho… (Daniel Mendoza, Spain and Uruguay, 2018, 20 min.), Ángel Caído [Fallen Angel] (Miguel G. Morales, Spain, 2018, 7 min.), Archipiélago Fantasma [Phantom Archipiélago] (Dailo Barco, Spain, 2017, 16 min.), Diques (Sara Álvarez, Spain, 2017, 4 min.), Dua2litet (Rafael Marrero, Spain, 4 min.), El Mar Inmóvil [The Still Sea] (Macu Machín, Spain, 2018, 11 min.), Soju (Rafael Navarro, Spain, 2018, 20 min.), Clavijo, tu amor (Amaury Santana, Spain, 2017, 11 min.), Insight (Hugo Herrera González, Spain, 2017, 13 min.), La Muñeca Rota (Daniel León Lacave, Spain, 2017, 16 min.), Morir en el Intento (Students from Escuela de Cine Infantil y Juvenil Cámara y Acción, Spain, 2017, 13 min.), Nocturnos (Miguel A. Mejías, Spain, 2018, 17 min.), Nouvelle Cuisine (Manuel Reyes Halaby, Spain, 2017, 5 min.) and Plus Ultra (Samuel M. Delgado and Helena Girón, Spain, 2017, 13 min.).

The ones in charge of valuing these works are the experts Miguel Rodríguez, Mundo Hispánico’s founder and editor; writer and journalist Sabina Urraca; and Vanesa Fernández, director of ZINEBI -International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao-.

In addition to the official awards, Canary Island Connection and Digital 104 Film Distribution will grant their international distribution prizes among the features and short films competing in the Canarias Cinema section, supported by Binter.


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