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MECAS 2018

The 2nd International Market of Almost-Finished Films, MECAS, will be held from the 9th to the 11th of April, during the 18th edition of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival.
MECAS is a final cut market aimed at supporting projects that combine artistic ambition and commitment to independent film.
MECAS connects independent filmmakers and producers with potential international partners, co-producers, distributors or advisers who can collaborate in the production’s finalization process. In addition, MECAS will award an €8,000 prize, destined to the post-production or distribution budget of the winning project.


– The meeting is open to international filmmakers and producers with projects in the final stages of editing, the last stage of post-production or with at least an 80% of the main filming completed.
– Projects from all countries will be accepted.
– Projects from experienced producers and new talents will be accepted.
– The projects must have international interest and be creative in cinematographic terms.
– The final works must have a duration of at least 60 minutes.
– The projects will be presented by the production company and must also have the director’s involvement.
– Those interested can enrol their projects free of charge, using a duly completed online enrolment form and accepting the terms of these rules.
– Applicants must provide a link wich an extract of the unfinished editing or a first final cut of the project can be viewed. Image material in physical media will not be accepted.
– There is no limit on the number of projects enrolled by producer or person, but no more than 2 projects by the same representative will be selected.
– MECAS will acknowledge the signatory of the enrolment as the sole interlocutor for all aspects related to the participation of the project in the market and as the sole person liable to other companies or individuals committed to same.
– The participants of the selected projects will undertake to:
– Confirm their project’s participation in MECAS 2018.
– Confirm their attendance and/or that of the director during the days of the forum. It is recommended that both attend.
– Send the necessary informative material for the preparation of a file.
– The name and image of MECAS must be included in the credits of the selected films, once this has been completed.
– To participate in MECAS these conditions must be accepted.

* note: Participants must speak fluent English. Presentations will be held in this language, and it will be the working language of various activities in the industry.

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